Born and raised in Italy, Massimo left his home country after graduating in economy, and moved to London where he began a career in finance. In 2007, he took a sabbatical  and traveled around the world, before settling in Sydney..

From a corporate career – and the lifestyle that goes with it – in 2015 he turned his lens inwards before embarking on an adventure far removed from the finance world ...

"...When my father passed away in 2014, i thought about death like never before. I suddenly felt a strong sense of urgency to live out my purpose, and i wanted to focus on my passions and live a life around it. Within a year i left my job, put all my belongings in storage, and left Australia to travel around the world and become a full time photographer..."

Photography has been Massimo's  obsession since his childhood. He studied photography at the London School of Photography, but consider himself self-taught. His expression through the camera is based on the knowledge of both his emotion and the emotion of others...

"...i believe that to be a good photographer you have to nurture your empathy, sensitivity, curiosity and compassion. We need visual imagery that reflects our connectedness in a world where technology is making us less human..'

Massimo's work has been published by several magazines and news papers such as National Geographic, The Daily Mail, BBC, The Telegraph, Paris Match, Il Corriere della Sera. He was finalist in the 'Travel category' of the Sony World Photo Award in 2015 and commended in 2016 in the category 'Split Second'.

Massimo is now based in London and continues to  travels the world to photograph  people, celebrations, lifestyle and culture that make each country unique. When not on the road he is available for assignments worldwide.