Massimo Rumi was born in Reggio Calabria (Italy) in 1971.

It's in the late 80’s, when he comes across the work of Henry Cartier-Bresson, that he becomes interested in Photography. 

After graduating in Economics, he moves to London, to further his career and starts working for a multinational company. At the same time he enrolls at a photography course at the London School of Photography.

In 2007, he decides to take a sabbatical, and travels around the world, before settling in Sydney. Around that period he fulfills his two great passions: travel and photography, a whole gamut of human emotion, a perception of photography that capture the beauty and diversity of this planet. 

Today Massimo is a full time photographer based in London. He travels the world frequently to photograph people, living souls, exceptional gatherings, culture events and peculiar lifestyle. 

Massimo's work has been published by several magazines and news papers such as National Geographic, The Daily Mail, BBC, The Daily Telegraph, Paris Match, Il Corriere della Sera. He was a finalist in the 'Travel category' of the Sony World Photo Award in 2015, and commended in 2016 in the category 'Split Second'.

When not ’On the road’ he would assess assignments worldwide.