Flying over Patagonia on my way to Ushuaia, our starting point
 The boat is waiting for us. We delay our departure due to stormy weather
 We leave in the early morning. The Beagle channel is calm
 This is our home for the next three weeks. The Team is made up nine people from Australia, Italy, US, Alaska, Malaysia, Ireland, Holland.
 As we leave the Beagle channel the temperature drops, the wind start to blow, and the Ocean get rough
 Wind blowing up to 50 knots and  monster waves will shake us for the next 5 days in the crossing of the Drake Passage
 Despite taking medications we all suffered seasickness ....some of us spent the entire length of the crossing in the bunk.
 Our skipper check constantly the weather's conditions. He rarely sleeps during the 5 days crossing.
 Baking fresh bread
 Our skipper is highly experienced. This is his 50th trip to Antarctica.
 With sub-zero temperatures and cold wind i need to wear five layers of clothes 
 As we approach the Polar circle we start to see icebergs of different shapes and sizes.
 Some icebergs are huge !... this was larger than ten soccer pitches
 Our first stop after 6 days of nightmare, the South Shetland Islands We anchor on ice for the night. 
 Tough landing in Deception Island. This is a volcanic island home to the largest colony of Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins, more than 100.000 breeding pairs
 Deception Island   have patches  of pink and  green  algae. It's breeding season and babies are usually born in early to mid- December. This breeding season seems to be delayed.
 Priscilla suffered a lot during the Drake Passage crossing. It's finally over.....for now. 
 We use snow-shoes to climb on top and admire  the  beautiful , pristine, quiet wonderland that we had the privilege of visiting.
 Once we get to the Continent we forget about the hard time during the crossing and we enjoy the peace and isolation of such a remote place
 Cuverville Island
 Another hike , this time well over one hour, to reach the top was well worth it.
 I am dreaming....not !...This is real !
 Penguin Colony in Cuverville Island
 Tired but happy
 Sailing  down the Antarctica Peninsula we find beautiful blu sky and sun. Colours are magnificent .
 Ready for more explorations
 Someone is so brave to go for a dip in the icy waters 
 ...and when i say brave, i mean it!!
 ...I am too busy taking photos :-)
 Why not having a bbq in the Antarctic?....We brought along a whole lamb for this occasion.
 This is not the typical bbq !
 After Cuverville we continue our journey down south visiting two stations, the Chilean station in Paradise Harbour and the British station in Port Locker.
 Are we lost?
 Chilean Station. We are the first visitors of the season. The station is only open during the summer months.
 Yes, there is a British Post Office in Antarctica. I sent a postcard to my family in Italy and it arrived after one month...Pretty incredible!
 Sailing through ice
 Melchior Islands. Absolute paradise. Here  silence is so loud ! :-)
 Midnight Sunlight
 I am not the only one dreaming..
 In Melchior Islands we see lots of Humpback whales. They move in pairs and at some point we are surrounded by more than twenty whales providing a spectacle as they cavort around the vessel. 
 We use an hydrophone to listen to the amazing whale's sound.
 On the way back i understand why the Drake Passage is called the Drake shake or the Drake Lake. Believe it or not we have no wind at all and we use the engine all the way up to Cape Horn. What a pleasant surprise.
 We cannot end this adventure without landing at the infamous Cape Horn. 
 Quick visit to the Chilean station in Cape Horn. We can't stay too long as weather conditions could suddenly change . This is the most Southern point in the world .
 Back to Ushuaia...No internet, no phone, no TV, no magazines…..nothing for three weeks. This was the only trip in my life where i experienced mindfulness for a very long time. I truly enjoyed the present moment. My mind switched off completely ....I was there...yes I WAS... at the End of the World.
 Our Hero, Captain Henk Boersma.   
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