The Black Island

Stromboli, Sicily  2018

The small but active volcano that regularly erupts magma and lapilli up to the sea... the black and grainy sands under equally dark and rough rocks...the deep blue sea, lively , abysmal, wild....this is Stromboli, the black pearl of the Mediterranean sea.

"Iddu" its majesty the volcano dominates and looms with its impressive presence and his continuous rumble. Iddu is for the islanders a kind of deity to be respected, someone with whom one can live together knowing their habits.

Living in Stromboli is an experience that leaves its mark. The scent of the sea, the roar of the waves against the rocks, the capers clinging in the cracks... a vigorous and wild nature, proud of itself.

"At Stromboli at night you can see the stars" this is the slogan of Strombolians who strenuously opposed street lighting. At night in Stromboli the only lights are these bright and beautiful stars that pierce the black velvet of the sky, the electric torches of the passers-by and the lighthouse of Strombolicchio, a huge rock facing the island.