Massimo Rumi is an Italian photographer who lives in London but makes the globe his home. From a corporate career – and the lifestyle that goes with it – Massimo turned his lens inwards before embarking on an adventure far removed from the finance world.

Massimo’s travels take him to distant corners of the earth to capture images of beauty, danger, wonder and harmony. His camera freezes rare moments in time but the emotions he evokes through his imagery live on.

Quiet confidence – an endearing quality and one that photographer Massimo Rumi has in abundance. And, as a compelling visual storyteller, that quiet, knowing presence is one of the many traits that allows Massimo to capture life’s most beautiful and emotional images with an unobtrusive eye.

Often the storyteller is but a conduit for the story, and Massimo’s lens is one such conduit. There’s a patience and a knowing in the way he interacts with the world. Not only does he have the skill to capture life’s precious moments, he also has the humility to melt into his surroundings armed with a small, unobtrusive camera, and the patience to wait, quietly, for that split second in time that he yearns to immortalise.

“My photography is about responding to what surrounds me. I follow my instinct, my feelings."